macOS Music App Alternative: Doppler Music Player


Handy music player for Mac to Apple Music app.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the default music player on your Mac, there’s a new alternative: the Doppler Music Player.

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The program is advertised for users who buy their music and who want to manage a large offline library. The player supports MP3, AAC and M4A for compressed formats, and FLAC, ALAC and WAV for the higher quality ones.

The macOS app is accompanied by one for iOS. A practical feature is the ability to add new music to your library via WLAN, USB or AirDrop – even on the iPhone. Synchronization between multiple devices is available. Furthermore, multiple albums can be merged and you can edit the metadata.

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The program costs $25, which is reasonable if you’re looking for an alternative. If you’re looking for an alternative, something is bugging you so much that you may have found peace with Doppler Music Player. In addition, the app can be tested for free for one week before purchase.

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