Cheap MagSafe Battery Pack alternatives

Reletech MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe compatible battery packs are also available at a low price.

If you are looking for a magnetically attached battery pack for your iPhone, but do not want to spend that much money, you might prefer a cheaper model instead of the original Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for around $100. These are already available for a third of the price.

In terms of performance, the cheaper models should not differ much from the Apple model in terms of recharging. The latter only charges with a maximum of 5 watts (just like the old small power supply that used to be included with the iPhones). The others also charge with 5 watts, because that is simply the minimum standard.

MagSafe battery packs are also available cheaper from third-party manufacturers.

Of course, there can be differences in the charging power if you do pass-through charging, i.e. connect the power supply to the battery pack and then expect the iPhone to be charged at the same time. However, many models offer the function of charging with significantly more than 15 watts (like the Apple original) when a correspondingly strong USB-C power adapter is connected (models with 30 watts or more are recommended here).

Thus, you can get a practical and cool battery pack for little money that can be attached to the iPhone via magnet. We have a few suggestions for you here:

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