3D audio not for all promised devices after all

Apple Music Spatial Audio 3D

Spatial Audio will be only available on newer devices.

Those who were looking forward to 3D audio with Dolby Atmos when streaming music via Apple Music will now have to use a younger device: Apple is kicking some devices off the compatibility list.

As you can see in this official support document, for example, at least an iPhone XS or a fourth-generation iPad Air are required.

3D Spatial Audio supported devices new

Previously, however, iPhone XR, iPad 6, iPad mini, and third-generation iPad Air were listed as compatible – and still are. The fine print on the Apple Music page still lists the older devices. It seems Apple has forgotten about this reference.

3D Spatial Audio supported devices

Whether this is a big loss for devices whose speakers are only good for listening to music on the side remains to be seen. In any case, we have now reached a new level of hidden hints: “Better read the fine print” now becomes “Better read the fine print as well as the official support documents, work out contradictions and then see what really happens”.

All those who use 3D audio realize relatively quickly that it only sounds good on newer productions where the effect was already taken into account during mastering. Subsequently adjusted songs do not always sound good. What is your experience (ideally with good headphones)?

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