Apple TV app now for Android TV

Android TV Apple TV App

The Apple TV is now available for a large number of TVs running Google’s operating system.

The Apple TV App is now officially available for TVs with Google’s Android TV operating system.

As Apple announced on an official Twitter account, every TV that still runs on Android TV (the new version is called Google TV) can now download the Apple TV. With this, Apple expands the number of devices on which you can access Apple’s streaming service.

The app makes sense for two types of users: those who have a slightly older TV and don’t want to get an Apple TV, and can also live with the perhaps limited speed because they don’t use Apple’s streaming service that often. And owners of brand new TVs, which usually have so much processing power that an extra Apple TV is often superfluous for most needs.

Apple has only achieved a market share of two percent for streaming devices. These were and are often users who find the Apple TV’s interface great and their own Smart TV too hard to use and too slow. Since the Smart TVs are also developing quickly and Google TV is also a quite good user interface, the question is whether the Apple TV will become superfluous at some point. However, Apple has achieved one thing for now: making Apple TV+ accessible on as many devices as possible.

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