Review: Belkin Secure Holder for AirTags tested

Belkin Secure Holder AirTag

Looking for a sturdy and short keychain for your AirTag without the annoyance factor? Read on.

Didn’t like our suggestions for cheap or glow-in-the-dark AirTag tags? Then we’ll turn to a Belkin product today.

Called the Belkin Secure Holder, the design relies on a compact eyelet through which a metal ring is pulled. So there is no need for the small “spacer” that provides some space between the retaining ring and the AirTag in many models. This makes things a little clearer and fits very well on the keychain.

Great fixation mechanism

The material is also quite well chosen: it is rather hard plastic. This eliminates, as with many silicone-based products, the property that dust accumulates. So the Belkin Secure Holder always looks good when you pull it out of your pocket and is also a nice alternative to leather.

Belkin Secure Holder AirTag open
Belkin Secure Holder AirTag mechanism
Belkin Secure Holder AirTag close

The way the AirTag is inserted is practical and almost innovative for key fobs: you can simply unscrew the holder, which consists of two parts, insert the AirTag and then close it again. This goes hard enough than you would have to fear a loosening of the connection in everyday life.

Strong and durable plastic

We must conclude after a few days of use that the model actually performs very well and will probably spend many years of service on the keychain. The plastic makes a good impression and should be very resilient.

Belkin Secure Holder AirTag alternative
Belkin Secure Holder AirTag packaging

Almost laughable, however, is the packaging of the Secure Holder: There is a lot of air in the box and the outer hanger as well as the plastic tray inside probably add more mass as trash than the actual product. Maybe Belkin should think about it again for twenty minutes in this day and age.

Top product, ridiculous packaging

For the piece of plastic Belkin wants in its own store just under $13, which is still justifiable. Even at Apple itself, the pendant does not cost more.

So, if you want a product for your AirTag that lasts for a long time, is still fairly priced (and will hopefully soon get a modern packaging), you can buy the Belkin Secure Holder. It manages one thing very well: to offer a stable and not too fiddly closure and to otherwise stay in the background.

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