Cheap AirTag tags and cases

Caseology AirTag Case

AirTags can also feel at home in inexpensive keychains. We show you a few.

The cheapest AirTag tags for the keychain cost at least 39 Euros at Apple – more than an AirTag itself. If you think that you should buy products that you used to pull out of the gumball machine a bit cheaper, you are welcome to read on. Everyone else can buy themselves happy with the Hermés variant for 449 Euros.

It is known that Apple is a bit more expensive than others, usually you get fantastic looking computers and smartphones, long software support and terrific support for it. With the keychains offered by the high-tech company, however, only one criterion remains in principle: the material. And according to the first reviews on Amazon, this seems to be of a quality that can be described as okay and does not justify almost 40 Euros. We’ll show you a few cheaper alternatives, which will probably only differ insignificantly in appearance. Besides, it’s only a keychain. So if you need to store five AirTags, you don’t have to spend almost 200 dollars more, but can get away with just a few bucks.

There are also a few other interesting designs, for example with a sturdy case and carabiner, and if you want to annoy your neighbors, you can also get the Hermès design for less than four dollars. In addition, Aliexpress offers an incredible selection for a small price – if you can accept a slightly longer delivery time.

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