Use iMac as display: Luna Target Display Mode

Luna App Mirror Display

You can use a Mac as a display for another Mac with the Luna app.

If you have a Mac, you might sometimes want to use it as a display for another Mac. This is now possible with the Luna Display app from astropad with some restrictions.

luna Mac to Mac mode

Apple offered this with iMac under the name Target Display Mode until around 2014, so that the iMac could simply be used as a display. However, in the course of further sealing off the macOS system, this option was removed.

With the latest update to version 4.5, the Luna app now offers the possibility to simply use a Mac as a display on another Mac – even via Ethernet or Thunderbolt cable, which should ensure a very stable connection. Important to note: the small hardware dongle that Luna offers is still necessary.

iMac as Display

So you can now use a MacBook as a display on a MacBook, a MacBook on an iMac, or a MacBook as a display for a Mac mini. However, one restriction has to be mentioned: if you use an iMac as a display, it can only be operated with normal resolution. Retina resolution at 4K or 5K resolutions is not supported. The hardware performance of the small Luna dongle is probably not sufficient for this.

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