New Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic: High frame rate HDR

Apple unveils the next gen of AppleTV4K 042021

The Apple TV 4K has become a bit more powerful.

The new Apple TV 6 is equipped with the Apple A12 Bionic, which enables a high data rate. Thus, the frame rate incl. HDR playback is a maximum of 60 frames per second.

Apple unveils the next gen of appletv4k arcade screen

Great new feature: together with an iPhone, the feature called Color Balance Feature can adjust the color reproduction of the TV via the brightness sensor contained in the smartphone. Practical.

Apple unveils the next gen of AppleTV4K siri remote 042021

Finally, there is also a new remote control: Made of aluminum and with real buttons. The control ring can now be used to fast-forward and rewind. It also looks very good. Finally, a control like it should have been from the beginning. However, many users will be happy about another fact: Since the surface is no longer made of glass, it can withstand being dropped on the floor without shattering.

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