Apple AirTags cost $29, four pieces $99

Apple airtag front and back emoji 2up 042021

Those who frequently misplace things will be happy about Apple’s latest product.

Apple has introduced its Air Tags, small keychains that allow you to find your stuff again. So a great product for those who don’t always put their keys in the same place.

Apple airtag pairing screen 042021

The tags work with Ultrawideband, which are frequencies in the range of Hertz. All existing Apple devices are also used for this. So every Apple user makes his device available for the network. According to Apple, this is of course anonymous and encrypted, but in principle, this tracking network is set up via your private device.

Apple airtag accessories 042021

It is nice to see that Apple has at least made the battery of the tags replaceable. This is different with some competitors, where you can dispose of the entire device when the power source is empty. The small AirTags should make everyday life a bit easier for many users.

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