Magic Keyboard battery replacement costs $29

apple new imac spring21 pt purple touch id 04202021

For a flat fee of $29, the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID can be equipped with a new battery.

Apple also offers a battery replacement for the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID: for $29.

Price battery replacement Apple Magic Keyboard

However, as with its predecessors, you can assume that the battery will last as long as the keyboard’s lifespan. If you assume that the battery can be recharged 1000 times and a recharge is necessary every three months – so four times a year – you get 250 years.

Thus, it can be assumed that the battery service is rather supposed to cover special cases, such as defective batteries outside of the warranty, and not necessarily normal wear and tear.

The price is on par with other Apple input products that have integrated batteries. Replacing the internal power storage costs the same for all of them.

2 thoughts on “Magic Keyboard battery replacement costs $29

  1. Is this still a thing? Struggling to find this page anywhere on the support site. I imagine if I brought it into an Apple Store directly I still should be able to make a repair reservation/appointment. It’s a Space Grey Magic Trackpad which other than the battery is still in impeccable shape, new battery replacement would be fantastic here..

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