AirTag taken apart

AirTag ifixit

The AirTag is compact and its own speaker.

If you are interested in what the new AirTags look like from the inside, you can now check ifixit or watch the following video.

The inner construction is not very surprising: everything is very compact and naturally follows the round shape of the AirTag. However, the way Apple has implemented the speaker is very interesting: the small plastic tray, which contains the batteries, also serves as a speaker.

ifixiti AirTag open

This can be seen well on the back: there you can see the attached magnet, which is excited by a coil located in the remaining area of the AirTag. This is a very space-saving solution to teach the AirTag to beep. Accordingly, it can also be easy to deactivate this built-in speaker for locating and warning (if a foreign AirTag is in the vicinity).

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