AirPods with Spacial Audio, Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking

Watchos 7

AirPods now can tell whether you’re answering a call on iPhone or watching a show on Apple TV.

AirPods become more intelligent

AirPods can now automatically connect to different devices. So they can tell whether you’re answering a call on iPhone or watching a show on Apple TV. Extremely convenient.

Also new: Spacial Sound! Apple uses special algorithms to create virtual surround sound. Especially difficult: You move your head when using the AirPods. Apple has succeeded in calculating the movement of, for example, an iPad that you hold in your hand and the movement of your head so that the sound always comes from the right direction.

Apple Watch now with sleep tracking

watchOS 7 can now reassemble complications. The configuration has been improved, so that it is easier to put the functions you really need on your dial. Also new, and very long expected: Apple introduces a function to share created watchfaces. So you can share with other created function combinations. If you use apps that are not yet installed on the other one, you will of course be informed.

Watchos 7 Share Watch Faces

The Activity App is now called Fitness – and comes with some new exercises.

Wind Down is a new feature that allows you to get down from the day to get ready for bed. So if you’re not able to just go to bed, you can set up a list of alarms and your favourite music to create a routine.

Apple Watch Watchos7 Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch now enables sleep tracking. The Watch can now record your sleep and display the statistics on your iPhone.

Interesting: the Smartwatch can now detect hand washing. So it counts whether you have washed your hands long enough. Unfortunately, it cannot yet detect whether you wash your hands at all in such situations. Nevertheless, the function is especially useful during the corona time.

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