iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Trackpad with Mechanical Switch

iPad Magic Keyboard Trackpad Mechanics

ifixit shows us an X-ray view into the interior of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

ifixit shows us the inner workings of the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. This keyboard is impressively complex. In the x-ray view you can see all the hidden wiring, magnets and spring-supported hinges. In addition, there is the mechanics of the individual keys. So the price of almost $400 comes from somewhere.

A look at the trackpad’s mechanics is particularly interesting: Since Apple uses a Taptic Engine (in layman’s terms a wobble motor, i.e. a moving mass) in all iPhones and MacBooks to simulate a click, here with the Magic Keyboard you again fall back on a small round mechanical switch, as it was used with the first glass trackpads that could actually still be pressed down. Owners who still have a unibody MacBook in use will remember this.

But in order to make it possible to press down the entire surface of the trackpad during use, Apple has come up with a clever little mechanism under the glass trackpad: no matter where you press the surface, you don’t press the little switch directly, but always via the detour of the mechanism: That way the trackpad lowers and raises itself evenly everywhere. Clever and probably cheaper than a model with Taptic Engine, and perhaps only possible because the specimen used is not quite as large in terms of surface area.

For users who have been waiting for a keyboard for their iPad Pro, the complex construction is a great deal. All those who only need a small lightweight device with a keyboard and little computing power can look around for a used 12″ MacBook. This is now available at a very reasonable price and at 920 grams it is also significantly lighter than a 12.9″ iPad Pro with keyboard (1.351 kg, almost 47% heavier) and even an 11″ iPad Pro with keyboard (1.072 kg, almost 17% heavier). However, you don’t have the flexibility of an iPad then.

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