MacBook Pro 13″ gets update with Magic Keyboard

macbook pro 13 2020

Finally the 13″ MacBook Pro Gets Back the Reliable Classic Keyboard

Apple has updated the 13″ MacBook. The most noticeable innovation: The Magic Keyboard.

This means that the last series – after the 16″ Pro model and the Air – also loses the butterfly keyboard that was unloved by many. High failure rates as in the past should be a thing of the past, although we certainly appreciated the crispness of the new mechanics. However, for the sake of longevity, this step is to be welcomed in any case.

macbook pro 13 2020 touch bar

macbook pro 13 2020 touch id

Furthermore, Apple has doubled the SSD capacities, so the entry model now starts at 256 GB, which is reasonable. 128 GB were simply too little. If you want to upgrade your MacBook with the options, you can now add up to 4TB of memory and 32GB of RAM, which is a great option if you work a lot with virtual machines.

MacBook Pro 2020 Magic Keyboard

Apple has retained the separation into models with two or four Thunderbolt 3 connectors. Those who were also looking forward to a better graphics performance of the new models have to be careful: This is available, but only on the better models with four Thunderbolt ports. Only these get the Intel chips of the 10th generation, in the other models there are still those of the 8th generation – after all there is a better keyboard and more SSD memory. Translated with (free version)