You have a lot of texts to translate? Then you need two things: a clever translation engine and the convenience of a native macOS program. DeepL brings both together.

The Cologne-based company is working on language translations with artificial intelligence and is now offering its services free of charge with an application for the Mac. The installation is simple except for the now safety-critical excursion into the system settings.

The advantage over the use in the browser is well known: you can copy the text to be translated and copy it with command + C, as far as usual. If you then simply press command + C again, the translation window opens automatically and the text has already been inserted and translated. Terrific. For translation back and forth DeepL currently offers English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian.

Why use DeepL instead of other free translation engines? You can clearly see that there is a colorful bunch working in Cologne that consists of far more than mathematicians, another kind of mathematicians and statisticians. The translation results are actually far ahead of other solutions and require little or no rework.

You can find the download here.