You are looking for a TV software for macOS that runs under 10.15 Catalina? eyeTV will be adjusted in a little while but you need a solution immediately? No problem if you have SAT>IP devices at home.

But all in turn: with macOS Catalina Apple has made the switch to 64 bit – and exclusively. I.e. all applications that were created in 32 bit simply don’t work anymore. Unfortunately this also includes eyeTV. The programm will come in a 64 bit version, but it will take another two months. Impatient people can get a beta version here.

But we promised you an alternative for the Mac. Christian Hackbarth, who already created the fantastic DVB-T Viewer for Windows, also has a solution for macOS friends: the SAT>IP Viewer, which is already in 64 bit and runs under macOS Catalina. Here you can find the detailed instructions.

To explain: this program does not work with the usual TV sticks. You need a device that supports the SAT>IP standard, for example the Geniatech DTV Netstreamer and many Panasonic TV devices. The standard provides that a signal received via satellite can easily be routed to the home network – and SAT>IP Viewer then makes it accessible on the Mac. eyeTV also has this function, but it just falls flat at the moment.

The standard is called SAT>IP, but in the meantime it developed so it can also transmit other signals, such as wired TV signals into the network. The device DTV Streamer Quad from Geniatech, for example, is one such device. The technology began with satellite signals, but is now spreading (slowly) to other reception paths. Here you can see a Tagged , , ,