Apple abolishes Catalina iTunes with macOS 10.15 and explains in a support document what changes.

catalina no itunes

iTunes has been stuffed with more and more features over the years and has now reached the point where you had to think of something better. Apple’s solution is to split iTunes into three apps: Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. In addition, the synchronization of your iDevices is now simply done via the Finder.

iTunes is dead, long live the iTunes library!

Many questions now arise about what happens to the long maintained music library and whether the iTunes Store will also disappear. On this page Apple will answer these questions . In summary, it can be said that the media are simply divided: Your music and playlists end up in the Music App, movies and series in the Apple TV App, podcasts in the Podcasts App and audio books in the Books App. So the latter are grouped by name rather than by audio feature. In principle, there should be no problems to transfer your grown collection into the modern age.

However, there are no answers as to whether iTunes Match will be preserved or the very practical remote control with the iOS Remote App*. This would be a big step backwards for a fast operation from the sofa. However, Apple has moved a lot closer to the users with its latest ideas, so we are confident.