The Pro Display XDR is excellent. But many would like a cheaper alternative.

apple mac pro display pro display pro 060319

The Pro Display XDR is technically top and in comparison to monitors with the same characteristics it is really cheap. A tool for real professionals.

An official Thunderbolt display successor would be great.

However, many wish for an official successor of the Thunderbolt display, which doesn’t cost $6000, but costs a little more than $1000 Euro and perhaps also offers an integrated docking solution. Now Apple offers the monitors from LG and there are many other alternatives, but a separate retina display from Apple would have something.

That’s why Matthew Taylor started a petition here on to bring together the people who want Apple to provide another monitor that is affordable for the masses. If you want to join this, you can do so on the site. Apple has been very responsive to the users with the latest ideas and has even given the iPad the opportunity to read USB sticks that perhaps a new monitor is also imaginable.