The popular program Cyberduck is now available in version 7 for download.

cyberduck icon

It is able to access (S)FTP servers, WebDAV shares and most cloud storage devices such as Dropbox, Backblaze or Google Drive. In addition, it is translated into many languages, which is a great performance for a free program.

The new version 7 adds some new features. So it is now possible to start multiple parallel connections for one file – this should speed up the download for large files. You can also create links for Microsoft’s One Drive to share with other people. This is also possible for Google Drive and DriveBox. Here you can see all other changes.

cyberduck window

You can find the download link here. The program is free to download, but you should kindly leave a few dollars in order to acknowledge all the work that goes into it. From ten dollars on the program will finally hide the note and a friendly donation.