Apple opens NFC functionality for Brexit App

In view of the Brexit for the British government, Apple has abandoned its strict attitude towards the use of the iPhone’s own NFC chip: Apple is opening the interface for a Brexit app.

Until now, the iPhone NFC chip only supported Apple Pay or the simple reading of NFC tags. The writing or reading of more complex radio chips was not allowed.

Now Apple has abandoned this attitude. Under the pressure of Brexit, the British government has created an app for Android, which will allow EU citizens who do not have local citizenship to read their passports with an NFC chip to verify themselves for a further stay in the country in case of a Brexit. In the future, this will also be possible with iPhones, for which an app will also be available.

It is now exciting to see whether the use of the iPhone NFC chip will actually only be granted for this exceptional situation or whether in future access will also be possible for programmers who do not represent a country that wants to leave a confederation of states.

Sources: 9to5mac, NFC World, Guardian

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