Opera Browser now in version 60

A browser alternative on the Mac is now 60: Opera.

The browser that belongs to our standard repertoire besides Safari and Firefox is now available in version 60, called fancy Reborn 3. A little bit of marketing is always a good thing. The design has been revised a bit, the Dark Mode is now complete and there is now even the function of a Crypto Wallet, if you want to be at the front of the currency.

But there are also our three favourite functions, which are used all the time: the first is the advertising blocker, which can be switched on and off as easily. No annoying re-installation of any plugins, just click on the icon, done.

The VPN function is also very practical. With it you can disguise your IP address and also see in other countries what is going on. Also this function can be switched on very easily. Nice: there is no traffic limitation and also the speed doesn’t really suffer.

We also recommend Opera (Firefox also works of course) if you want to watch YouTube videos in good quality. We have already explained here in detail and we have also tried here YouTube on Safari offers only maximum 1080p resolution and AVC compressed video. For higher resolutions you have to use a different browser, which can also handle VP9 encoding. This offers better quality because YouTube prefers this codec.

You’ll find more information and the download here.

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