Supplier Responsibility Report: Against slavery and for education

Apple has published the Supplier Responsibility Report 2019. The report revolves around Apple’s suppliers and how Apple uses its influence to improve the lives of its suppliers’ employees.

You can find the detailed report here.

Apple describes in detail how it uses more sustainable production methods to minimize its impact on the environment.

More than twenty pages also explain what Apple is doing to improve the lives of supplier employees: Apple provides both training and health education.

Modern slavery is also combated. The situation concerns workers who are kept financially dependent on the manufacturing company. Apple is working with the International Organization for Migration to tackle this situation and has also been recognized for its work.

We are very pleased that Apple has committed to work with us to help former victims of trafficking get jobs. This new initiative demonstrates how the private sector can take accountability one step further, directly supporting former victims and inspiring other companies to do the same.

The fact that companies take a lot of responsibility for what they do is very commendable, especially when these things are audited by external independent organizations. We hope Apple will remain true to itself and continue on this sustainable path.

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