You want to use your Smart TV or an Apple TV more extensively and are looking for a suitable keyboard? Corsair has the new K83 for you.

It is designed for those who want a better input device than a simple remote control. Be it because you enter a lot of text or because you are gaming and therefore have higher demands. This is what the K83 Bluetooth keyboard is designed for: Not only do you get the usual letter keys and an integrated trackpad, but also a small joystick in the upper right corner and a wide roller wheel with which you can adjust further settings. Needless to say, the buttons are all illuminated.

If you would like to rip through a whole weekend, the keyboard will last almost two days at a time: with 40 hours the running time is specified, which should also be sufficient for longer periods of use. The price is around 140 Dollars. Before purchasing, you can check here which functions of the keyboard are supported together with your device.

If you are looking for a simpler alternative and just need a few letter keys and a touchpad, you can also take a look at the Logitech K400 Plus or K600. The first is very cheap, the second comes with Bluetooth also for iOS devices.

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