HomeKit compatible blinds from Ikea – battery operated!

Ikea has some good and cheap HomeKit compatible things on offer. Now there are also two remote controllable roller blinds.

The two blinds listen to the names FYRTUR and KADRILJ and differ in their light transmission. However, both have a decisive advantage for home automation enthusiasts: they can be easily remote-controlled via iPhone or other HomeKit-compatible device. This is especially practical and cool with roller blinds, because you can see the result directly and don’t have to pull any strings anymore.

HomeKit Rollo: IKEA Kadrilj und IKEA Fyrtur

But there’s one small catch: the energy for moving the roller blind has to come from somewhere, of course, and Ikea has provided a small battery for this purpose, which is hidden in the left side of the housing. This can be charged via Micro-USB and has a capacity of 2600mAh/18.72Wh. Ikea doesn’t say how often you can raise and lower the roller blind with it, but we assume that it should last longer than a few days.

The prices for the blinds are with 119 Euro for a HomeKit Device also in the frame. Prerequisite is Ikea’s own hub, which controls both devices via Zigbee radio. We have already introduced this to you here in connection with the LED lamp. We think the roller blinds are one of the most practical products with HomeKit connection.

The blinds are currently available in Germany, so check our local Ikea and online store from time to time.

Buy at Ikea:     Rollo KADRILJ     Rollo FYRTUR

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