Samsung Smart TVs get AirPlay 2 – 2018 models via update

Samsung and Apple have a big surprise: Samsung will introduce AirPlay 2 on its Smart TVs, Apple’s streaming protocol.

In its press release, Samsung promises that not only will all new 2019 models be delivered with this feature, but all 2018 models will also be updated with this feature retroactively. It is now possible to access content from iTunes such as movies without owning an Apple TV.

Apple seems to say goodbye to the previous model that Apple services can only be accessed with Apple devices. The first step was the iCloud for Windows, then Apple Music was released for Android and Alexa and now the planned Apple video streaming service is supposed to be more broadly based. The time seems ripe, as Smart TVs are getting faster and faster and a separate external hardware solution no longer seems absolutely necessary. In addition, it opens up the possibility for Apple to reach further customer groups.

It can be assumed that Samsung is only the first manufacturer to integrate AirPlay 2 into its devices. AirPlay 2 will probably become a standard function in many new TV sets, just like Chromecast already is.

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