Germany: Apple takes iPhone 7 and 8 off the market

Qualcomm and Apple are in litigation. Apple is therefore currently not allowed to sell iPhone series 7 and 8 in Germany.

One of the devices affected by the sales ban is also the iPhone X, which Apple itself no longer offers anyway. Thus, the Xr is currently the cheapest device sold directly by Apple.

However, the ban only applies to Apple’s 15 retail store and the online store. Also you can’t buy an iPhone 7 or 8 online at Apple anymore. In other shops and electronics stores, however, the models are still available – how the court ruling of the Munich Regional Court is to be interpreted, does not yet seem quite clear.

Since a higher court can also appeal in favour of Apple, Qualcomm had to put down a security deposit of 1.34 billion euros . These will be due as compensation to Apple, should Qualcomm not win in the next instance.

The two companies are fighting over a chip technology to save electricity. Apple accuses Qualcomm of charging too high prices, Qualcomm accuses Apple of patenting its own technology in the iPhone models mentioned.

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