Apple share falls significantly after profit warning

Apple published a letter to investors and mentions a turnover of 84 billion US dollars, significantly less than the expected 89 to 93 billion. As a result, the share lost around ten percent in value.

In this statement Apple tries to give reasons why the turnover could not be achieved as planned. For example, the difficult situation on the Chinese market and the fact that many customers would have refrained from buying a new iPhone because they would have preferred to have a new battery installed in the battery replacement program.

However, there is one criticism that is often voiced that almost all products have become significantly more expensive: The Mac mini by almost half, the Apple Pencil price rose from 99 to 135 euros, the new MacBook Air became hundreds of euros more expensive and, like the “MacBook Air 13” nine years ago, still comes with only 128 GB of memory. The fact that Apple itself is currently not allowed to sell iPhones of the 7 and 8 series in Germany is aggravating the current situation for the German market.

It remains to be seen how Apple deals with the various challenges. Whereby 84 billion are of course still a big turnover. Apple still has to react, ignoring warning signs could lead to bigger problems.

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