HomeKit: IKEA and Xiaomi introduce mutual compatibility

HomeKit devices are often forced to be compatible with your Apple devices, but cross-manufacturer compatibility is rare. However, IKEA and Xiaomi are now starting to work together.

This is a good step forward: Xiaomi, for example, has started to make IKEA hardware controllable via its own hub with the last app update. So far, even if the same radio standard is used (as in this case Zigbee), the different devices only work on the hub of the original manufacturer. From now on you can also use IKEA lamps on a Xiaomi hub. It will be interesting to see if it will also be released vice versa, i.e. if you can also operate switches and motion detectors from Xiaomi on an IKEA hub.

In any case, this process is a good advance to finally bring some inter-compatibility into the confused world of home automation. It’s not the last wisdom yet, but it’s a good way in the right direction. We had already tested the IKEA Hub and the lamp here and were very enthusiastic about the price. The mentioned Xiaomi Hub in the current version is currently only available on Aliexpress with Chinese plug (a small adapter solves the problem if you don’t want to wait). A European version has been announced and could then become the first choice for cost-effective HomeKit automation.

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