We expect new Macs and iPads next Tuesday

Next Tuesday is another Apple event where new hardware is expected. At the top of the expectation list: new Macs.

Many Macs haven’t been updated for a long time, including the Mac mini, which has been sold unchanged for four years, and the Mac Pro, which will have a modular successor. Many would also appreciate an iMac update and maybe even a new Thunderbolt display.

In the mobile sector, a new MacBook Air is to be expected. Will this be the third series in Apple’s portfolio or will it be merged with the MacBook? It remains exciting. We’ve already argued that there won’t be a MacBook with Retina Display until there’s a complete redesign – hopefully that’s what we’re about to see.

But iPad fans can also be excited: the complete line (yes, even the Mini) will be brought up to date with Face ID etc. Maybe the new devices even get a USB-C port. So there seems to be new hardware in every area of the product range.

As the motto of the event is creativity, Apple has already published uncountable variations of their own logo in advance. A very creative and entertaining advertisement. Nevertheless, we are more excited whether the new Macs will make a big step towards the future.

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