DockCase Adapter: Pluggable USB hub and HDMI output for MacBook power adapter

Older ports than USB-C ports are always in daily use. For those who are tired of separate dongles or smaller hubs, the DockCase adapter for direct connection to the MacBook power supply might be the right alternative.

Kickstarter currently offers this clever solution for around 50 euros. The concept is simple: In principle, it is a USB-C hub that splits the data line into several USB-C ports and one HDMI port. But the design is what makes it special: The power supply supplied with the MacBook can simply be inserted into the case so that it looks as if it’s made of one piece – very well thought out. This means that the MacBook power supply unit will bring all the missing older ports with it without having to carry around a bag with additional adapters. We also think the price is very fair.

The Seesaw team already has a successful Kickstarter campaign behind them – for a similar concept. This was already successful, so the guys and girls know how to do it. So if you need some USB-C ports and a HDMI port and you are enthusiastic about this design, take a look on Kickstarter.

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