Bugfixes and new Functions for watchOS, Logic Pro X and MainStage

Apple has released some updates that should make users of the Apple Watch and musicians happy.

watchOS Update to Version 5.0.1

The new watchOS has received a small update that takes care of two minor bugs: first, there were situations where Smartwatch didn’t charge correctly, second, the effort you made during training wasn’t recorded properly. So you had to do more sports than necessary. This was only to your advantage 😉 but Apple fixed it and now the watch should register your efforts precisely again.

Logic Pro X and MainStage with new features

The products made for musicians get a few new functions – in addition to the obligatory improvements in stability and speed, of course.

With Logic Pro X, the sound library can now be stored on an external hard drive. This is very practical if you have a very large hard disk and the internal memory of your Mac doesn’t offer enough space. There’s also a new tool called “Smart Tempo” that allows you to analyze the tempo across different tracks to find a common value for the entire project.

MainStage now offers the possibility to filter or pass through MIDI CC data. Furthermore, the metronome is now fully configurable.

App Store: Logic Pro X  Main Stage  

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