Very practical: Wireless Powerbank for iPhone with Microsuction

Ah, again so many tech words! 🙂 So again in English: This is an external battery pack that you can simply put on the outside of your iPhone and charge the battery without any cables. Cool? Then read on.

Normally with an external power bank you also have to think about the cable to get the energy from the energy storage into the iPhone. But with this new device, the Bezalel team thought: Why actually? After all, the new iPhones support wireless charging, so it’s enough if we use that tech. And that you don’t have to constantly balance the iPhone on the external battery, the product called Prelude is equipped with microsuction tape on the back, a kind of mini suction cup that behaves like glue, but is constantly reusable and comes off without leaving any residue.

BEZALEL Prelude Powerbank Wirelessly Charging an iPhoneX

The whole thing leads to a very practical and cool circumstance: If you now want to charge the iPhone, you simply paste the battery on the back – done. It couldn’t be better or easier. It should be clear that the efficiency due to the wireless transmission is worse than if you transmit the energy via cable, but for the convenience of the omitted cable this should be acceptable.

The whole thing isn’t as expensive as you might think: just take a look at the successful Kickstarter page of the team.

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