Everybody who knows the escape room games from the Rusty Lake universe, will be thrilled: there will soon be a new game and a short film, too.

We already featured a game from this series, today we show you the Kickstarter campaign of the two game developers from Amsterdam. By the way, both have learned completely different professions: lawyer and landscape architect. But that makes the name of the movie “Paradox” somehow more appropriate.

The interweaving of different worlds does not stop there, however: The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is not only the creation of a 15-minute short film, but also the tenth part of the Cube Escape series. Game and movie work together. On the comparison pictures alone you can see that a lot of effort has been made to bring both each other as close as possible and still maintain their own style.

Johan Scherft's Mr. Crow Painting

But that is still not everything: You can, if you support the team on Kickstarter, even be part of the next game! Either for a small amount at least as a name in the phone book or for a little more even with a photo – you will be immortalized! Even a fantastic picture and the elaborately designed Mr. Crow mask are ready for a particularly generous donor.

For those of you who have not yet ventured into the morbid and Twin Peaks inspired game series, now is the time: like the Kickstarter campaign, the games are also lovingly crafted with sparkling ideas and a team dedicated to creating a new world. Anyone who wants to get a taste before spending money can do so in detail: All Cube Escape parts are free. The few bucks for the much longer three main games are very fair though.

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