Apple macOS Server Alternative: Univention Corporate Server

Apple has removed many features from the current macOS server version 5.7.1 as announced. We present you an alternative, which not only replaces the lost functions but brings even more functions.

iOS 12: Contacts and photos accessible via fairly complex bypass method

Contacts and photos can be viewed iOS with some effort, even if the iPhone is locked.

macOS Server Version 5.7.1 for 10.14 Mojave available

Apple has released macOS Server version 5.7.1. The biggest change is the announced elimination of many functions.

Very practical: Wireless Powerbank for iPhone with Microsuction

Ah, again so many tech words! 🙂 So again in English: This is an external battery pack that you can simply put on the outside of your iPhone and charge the battery without any cables. Cool? Then read on.

Bugfixes and new Functions for watchOS, Logic Pro X and MainStage

Apple has released some updates that should make users of the Apple Watch and musicians happy.

How to use Final Cut Pro X with external graphics processor (eGPU)

If you work a lot with Final Cut Pro X and perhaps have an external graphics card (eGPU) on your MacBook Pro to speed things up, we’ll show you here how to turn on support.

DiskStation DS119j: New small Synology with dual core processor

Synology presents a new small NAS for one hard drive: the DiskStation DS119j with dual core processor.

YouTube app now with HDR support for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Owners of Apple’s new top smartphones can now enjoy HDR support from YouTube on their devices.

Extremely cheap Home Kit compatible system: Xiaomi Aqara

If you want to buy a Smart Home System with many different sensors, you can take a look at the Xiaomi Aqara, which is so cheap that it might put other suppliers under pressure.

eSIM Function for Second SIM Card Available in iOS 12.1

Apple will introduce the eSIM function for a second telephone line in the upcoming iOS 12.1 update.