macOS Server and Fleetsmith will be retired

Apple Business Essentials

Apple outsources MDM services to third parties.

Apple is discontinuing other services: this time it affects small and medium-sized companies. macOS Server has been cut back a lot in recent years and of the many functions only user and group management, XSan administration and Mobile Device Management (MDM) remained. The macOS Server will no longer run on the upcoming macOS version after Monterey.

If you have a lot of devices to manage for your business, you might have used Fleetsmith to do it – but Apple bought it and will cancel the service also. We very much hope that this only happens so that a new integrated solution from Apple can be presented in the near future.

Many see the Apple Business Essentials as a similar, albeit functionally somewhat limited, option to replace the products mentioned. In most cases, the offer is actually effective for small companies – but it is only available in the USA.

So currently, choosing an independent provider is a good choice. SimpleMDM, Kandji and Jamf are a good place to start research.

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