MacBook Pro 2021: JetDrive lite 330 SD-Card memory expansion

JetDrive Lite MacBook Pro 2021

Expand your MacBook Pro storage easily.

You have a new MacBook Pro but it has run out of storage again? The latest generation again has an SD card slot and thus offers the possibility to expand somewhat slower memory, for example for your music collection, simply by plugging it in.

Transcend’s memory expansions, which fit flush with the MacBook case, are called JetDrive lite 330 and have been available for older MacBook models for quite a while. We have already shown them to you here.

512GB,JetDriveLite 330,MBP 14"&16" 21 & rMBP 13" 12-E15
512GB,JetDriveLite 330,MBP 14"&16" 21 & rMBP 13" 12-E15*
  • Ideal for the MacBook Pro 2021
  • Plug and play, slim design, and great compatibility
  • R/W speeds up to 95/75 MB/s
 Price: $ 119.99 Buy on Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping
Last updated on 11. April 2022 at 13:44 - Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.

The fact that this fast and quite inexpensive solution now also fits the 14″ and 16″ models is quite practical. After all, you always have something to store.

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