iPhone shows service history with spare parts as of iOS 15.2

iOS 15.2 service history

The entire service history of an iPhone can be listed.

Starting with iOS version 15.2, the operating system will provide an overview of whether the iPhone has been repaired, which parts have been replaced and whether they are original or from third-party manufacturers.

As Apple describes on a service page, there are different display modes for different models:

  • XR, XS, SE 2: Battery replacement is displayed
  • 11, 12, 13: Battery and display replacement is displayed
  • additionally 12, 13: camera replacement is displayed

So for the latest iPhone models, the main three modules can now be monitored, for older ones only the battery. For Devices that are even older, it remains with the usual behaviors.

Thus, similar to a car, the service history of an iPhone can be traced, even if original parts were used. The display should also be able to show if the parts are original, but from a different device.

Thus, it is possible to determine which current parts the iPhone is equipped with when buying a used device. Consequently, the price should depend on whether it is about high-quality or rather inexpensive spare parts, just like with other used goods.

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