Solution: iOS 15.0.2 cannot be installed on iPad Pro

iPad Pro SIM Karte

iPad Pro Cellular models can be tricked into installing iOS 15.0.2.

For those who have an iPad Pro on which iOS 15.0.2 cannot be installed, we have at least a partial solution for certain models.

For some, the installation of iOS 15.0.2 results in the fact that the update cannot be installed, the installation cancels or the message “The search for updates failed” is already displayed when searching for the current version. Sometimes everything happens one after the other.

Die Suche nach Updates ist fehlgeschlagen iOS 15.0.2

For users of an iPad with a SIM card slot, here’s a top tip: simply insert a SIM card. In many scenarios where iOS cannot be installed, iPad Cellular models without a SIM card are used. In this case, iOS 15.0.2 can not be installed.

Check for updates failed

The moment you insert the SIM card into the iPad, it immediately goes off without feedback and starts installing. So it’s best to plug it directly into the charger and let it do it’s thing. It may restart a few times and then iOS 15.0.2 is installed without problems. The SIM card can then be removed again.

iOS 15.0.2 simply expects a SIM card to be installed. So if you have a Cellular iPad model you now know the workaround. If you have problems with other models, you can only wait for another update or contact Apple.

2 thoughts on “Solution: iOS 15.0.2 cannot be installed on iPad Pro

  1. Incredible, it works!!
    I tried many times to install IOS 15.0.2 on my old IPad without SIM Card. Then I tried it with the SIM Card from my new IPad and the update installed very quicklebendig.
    Thanks for this good idea.

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