Luna Display: iPad as additional display also for Windows

Luna for Windows

The iPad can now also be used as a second display on Windows computers.

Luna Display expands its market: the small dongle incl. software, which allows to use an iPad as a second display on a Mac, is now also offered as a solution for Windows.

At the same time a new dongle is offered, which connects via HDMI. So now Windows users can use their desktop on an iPad with touch support.

Luna Display Dongles

The step makes sense for Luna: Apple has simply implemented the idea of the iPad as a second display as a function called “Sidecar”. Since the percentage of users who have a Windows computer and an iPad is likely to be significantly higher than pure Apple households, this step is probably financially very reasonable for Luna.

Those who belong to the aforementioned users with devices of different operating systems can get a significant discount on the bundle in the first few days: with just over $100 you’ll be in.

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