iPhone 13 with 20% smaller notch, better battery life

Apple iphone13 colors 09142021

Smaller notch, better battery life.

The iPhone looks like the 12, with one significant difference: the two cameras are no longer directly above each other, but diagonally offset. Apart from other colors, the main changes are inside.

The new iPhone has a larger battery. This has improved the battery life: The iPhone 13 mini is supposed to last 1.5 hours longer, the normal iPhone 13 2.5 hours. The price to the previous model remains unchanged. 128 GB is now the smallest storage size, joined by 256 and 512 GB.

Apple iphone13 design 09142021

Apple emphasizes that it should be particularly environmentally friendly, since recycled water bottles are used for the plastic parts. At the same time, however, the repair of the devices is actively made more and more difficult and almost impossible with new measures. In the case of small defects, the entire device is to be disposed of. This sounds contradictory.

The A15 chip now used is based on 5 nm technology and has become faster as usual. The cameras now offer further improved night shots. The video recording now offers a great cinematic mode: with this, the object in the foreground or the background can be quickly focused during a recording. This makes recordings look quite professional with little effort.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Colors 09142021

The iPhone 13 Pro also offers some new features: the new Super Retina XDR is up to 1000 nits bright. There is also ProMotion: it adjusts the refresh rate from a few hertz to 120 hertz. This saves power when reading a web page and provides excellent response when playing fast games. A clever and practical technology that will probably gradually find its way into all other iPhones. The display sizes are 6.1″ and 6.7″.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Red Flower 09142021

The camera system now also offers macro shooting at a distance of 2 centimeters. All lenses have Nightmode this time. In addition, there are “Photographic Styles”. These are filters that were developed by Apple and are intended to directly anticipate live post-processing on the computer. Video recording with the A15 chip can now be done in 4K ProRes at 30 Hz.

The battery life is also supposed to be 1.5 hours (iPhone 13 Pro) or 2.5 hours (iPhone 13 Pro Max) better than the predecessor.

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