Apple Watch 7 gets larger display

Apple watch series7 hero 09142021

Apple optimizes the display of the Apple Watch.

The design of the Apple Watch 7 has remained the same. However, Apple has managed to reduce the black edges of the display and thus increase the display area by 20%. At first glance, this is a small change, but it should have quite a big impact in everyday use. Especially with small displays, every increase is welcome. Apple now also offers an on-screen keyboard, which can be used to type replies to messages.

Apple watch series7 durability 09142021

Apple states that the display is almost shatterproof. If that is achievable in everyday use, it would of course be fantastic. Very practical: the new Apple Watch 7 charges a third faster. That’s good for sleep tracking, when recharging is needed shortly before going to bed.

The price starts at $399. The Apple Watch Series 3 and SE will still be sold.

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