Remote Buddy 2.0 for Siri Remote

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To control your Mac remotely, you can use Remote Buddy. Now also with support for the new Siri Remote.

The remote control software Remote Buddy for macOS is now available in version 2.0 and also supports the new Siri Remote.

If you want to remote control your Mac, you have the choice between a few programs – Remote Buddy is one of the better ones. The program not only allows you to remote control your Mac with an app on your iPhone, but also offers the possibility to use remote controls. Of course, Apple’s variants (whether connected via infrared or Bluetooth), including the latest model, and also the remotes of Amazon’s Fire TV.

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So if you want to make yourself comfortable on the couch, but still want to remote control your Mac or use the Siri Remote for a presentation, for example, you’ll probably be quite satisfied with Remote Buddy. The price is just under 25 Euros with one year of updates. At least macOS 10.12 and iOS 12 are required for use.

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