New AirTag firmware for more privacy

Apple airtag front and back emoji 2up 042021

Apple releases new AirTag Firmware with better privacy features.

Apple tightens the firmware for AirTags: after initial criticism of possible misuse of the small tags, Apple is now adapting their behavior somewhat.

We already explained in detail here how you can monitor people with the AirTags. And here how easy it is to override the built-in speaker. Now Apple takes care of two circumstances:

With the new software version (which installs automatically and can also not be triggered manually) beeps a foreign AirTag now not only after three days but at the latest after eight to 24 hours as Apple has stated to Cnet. The company also wants to release an app for Android mobile phones so that users of the other ecosystem (and as we know, that’s the majority worldwide) can track AirTags as well.

The problem of the deactivatable speaker, however, remains. In addition, the AirTags are now probably only used to find misplaced things and no longer stolen property. This was never advertised by Apple, but there are bicycle manufacturers who install “Find my” in their bicycles. The anonymous and silent tracking of these items is thus limited to eight hours in the worst case.

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