macOS 12 Monterey: AirPlay to Mac

Apple macos monterey facetime messages safari 06072021

Apple supports Mac from 2015 – with some exceptions.

The new macOS 12 version is called Monterey.

FaceTime is a bit more advanced and makes it easier to view shared photos. Screen sharing is now also available – many people will have already switched to Zoom, for example. And for watching movies you can now faceTime in parallel – a bit late at the end of the pandemic but still quite funny.

The collaboration between Mac and iPad is now improved: With Universal Control you can now control multiple devices with one mouse or keyboard. This not only allows the mouse pointer to be moved from one device to another without interruption, but also files can be moved easily via drag & drop.

Apple macos monterey airplay 06072021

AirPlay to Mac now allows streaming directly to the Mac without additional software such as AirServer.

Another app that has made it from iOS to macOS is Shortcuts. This now allows you to use pre-built workflows between programs on the Mac. Automator is still supported.

Safari gets a new look. The tab design looks like Firefox 89, but the address bar has also gotten much smaller. On the left side, there is now an overview of open tabs, just like in the Apple TV app and Music. Apple thus continues on the path that almost all apps look the same: Overview bar on the left, content on the right.

Apple macos monterey safari tab group 06072021

Monterey runs on Macs that were produced around 2015. Thus, the iMac is included (but only the late 2015s), the iMac Pro of course, the MacBook Air and also the Pro. Exceptions are the Mac Pro (the 2013 variant is also supported), Mac mini (the 2014 model is included) and the MacBook: here, installation is only possible from the 2016 model year. The fact that the MacBook is only supported from 2016 is forgivable, as the 2015 model is very slow. However, it is questionable why the 2014 iMac and the early 2015 iMac are no longer supported when the small Mac mini is included. The fact remains: Producing electronic waste is not sustainable.

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