France: Apple shows repair index for products

Repair Index France MacBook Pro

In France, Apple is now obliged to indicate how easy it is to repair products on sale.

In France, Apple now displays a repair index for the products available for purchase. The scale ranges from 10 (very good to repair) to 1 (bad to repair). The devices that Apple has provided with the index so far have an average score of 5.5 to 6.5.

Repair Index iPhone France

Since the beginning of this year, the law on recycling management has stipulated the specification of a repair index for devices, officially called simply “Indice de réparabilité”. The criteria include:

  • The availability of documentation (for repair, use and maintenance, and the period in which this information is provided);
  • Disassembly (how easy it is to access parts, what tools are needed, how parts are secured in the unit);
  • Spare parts (availability time and delivery times);
  • the price of spare parts (compared to new);
  • the available software updates, the free offer of remote technical support and the possibility to reset your device in a software way;

The associated website can be found here. Repair information for all devices should be listed there. Apple makes the ratings available for viewing on this page according to French law. For example, a current iPhone 12 Pro scores 6 out of 10.

Reparaturindex iPhone 12 Pro

So that this rating is directly visible for end customers, a corresponding logo must be displayed before the purchase is made. Apple does this both on the French website and within the official app.

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