MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 backlight fails: Repair Program

flexgate macbook pro display defekt

A MacBook Pro 13″ from 2016 with a failed display light can be repaired free of charge at Apple.

The 2016 generation of the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a cable that is too short between the logic board and the display, which can cause the backlight to fail. The constant opening and closing damages the cable so much that some LEDs in the backlight fail and the entire display has to be replaced. We had already reported about it here under the name “Flexgate”.

Apple is now extending the free repair program for these models to a total of five years after purchase. This should mean that this defect is still covered in 2021 should it also occur in your device.

To have your MacBook Pro 13″ from 2016 repaired free of charge, simply visit Apple’s service page here, check your serial number and then register for an appointment.

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