iPhone 11 touch screen no longer responds: Repair program

Apple iphone 11 rosette family lineup 091019

Some LCD touch screens do not register input anymore.

The iPhone 11 with LCD display was and is very popular. However, a batch produced between November 2019 and May 2020 may have quality defects.

The display is affected, more precisely the touch detection. In everyday life there are simply problems with the operation of the touch screen, which does not recognize any or incorrect entries. Apple therefore simply replaces the displays on affected devices. On this page you can check by serial number if your device falls into this production period.

If your device has already been repaired because of this problem, you can claim the money back from Apple. The repair program is valid for two years after the first sale of the device in a store. If the error occurs at the end of this period, you should not hesitate to contact Apple immediately.

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