Review: NIMASO USB-C 3.0 Charging Cable 3 Ampere tested

Nimaso USB C Kabel Mac

The ideal standard USB-C cable for a lot of MacBook users.

Are you looking for the most practical USB-C charging cable for everyday use? For many it will be this: the USB-C 3.0 cable with a length of 2m and 60W power delivery (20 volts at 3 ampere) from the Japanese brand NIMASO.

NIMASO USB-C USB 3.0 Cable 3 Amps


  • durable
  • 3 Amps (up to 60 Watts)
  • looks and feels good
  • good connectors
  • very affordable
  • USB 3.0 speeds (5 Gbit/s)


  • none

A perfect everyday cable for almost everybody.

Nimaso Mac USB C Cable

The best thing first: The cable costs only about $9 on Amazon. So it is the ideal replacement for an Apple USB-C cable and also offers some more practical features. One of the most important ones is the transfer of up to 3 ampere current, so that you can charge a MacBook or power bank faster. As 12″ MacBook came and 13″ MacBook Airs come with a 2 A cables, so this is a welcome improvement. Now 15 watts are possible at 5 volts and 60 watts at 20 volts. So the cable is able to charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro at full load. For the more economical MacBook Air is works perfectly too and if you need a second cable for the 16-inch model when traveling and can manage with the limited charging power, you can use it for the largest model as well.

Nimaso USB C Cable 3 Amp

It is also very durable. The cable has an additional nylon sheathing and the connectors have a bend protection made of a slightly firmer rubber. This is also very good to grip: Since the USB-C plugs are very small, this fact alone is very pleasant to handle in everyday life. All these features should ensure that the cable should last much longer than the Apple models, even if used frequently.

The USB-C plugs are precise, fit firmly and snap in well. You don’t always have that, but with this cable, the quality seems to apply to all components without exception. We also had no problems whatsoever with any device: no matter which power supply, power adapter or SSD, the cable always did a good job.

Nimaso USB C Kabel vs. Apple

Speaking of SSD: What made us buy this cable in the first place were the following criteria: It had to be more stable than the original cable, it had to be able to handle 3 amps of current (our Apple specimen regulates at 2 amps) and it had to offer USB 3.0 speed (all Apple cables only offer USB 2.0 speed because Apple considers them as charging cables). The faster transfer speed is very handy if you want to quickly copy data from or to an SSD on the road or if you want to tap into a modern RAID system without dragging another cable along.

Nimaso USB C Kabel MacBook

The cable offers stability, performance and speed at a reasonable price. Not possible with this cable are display data transfers. We evaluate the thickness and flexibility of the cable as neutral: it is a bit stiffer than the thin charge-only cables due to the additional wires for the USB 3.0 speed, but you can easily put it in the position you need it. It keeps its shape, but doesn’t behave as unruly as the even thicker cables with 5 Amp/100 Watt charging power and display option.

In sum, this is the ideal cable for everyday use. It is not only a replacement for the original cable supplied by Apple, it is simply better in all respects. This does not mean that the Apple cable is no longer used: it just stays home in a nice and quiet environment. The robust NIMASO, on the other hand, comes with us on our travels, where things are usually a bit rougher.

Nimaso USB-C Cable:   Amazon

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