Apple replaces the 15″ MacBook Pro with a 16″ version. But not only the larger screen is new.

In addition to the new larger display with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels, the new MacBook Pro also has some other improvements on board. Finally, there’s a keyboard again that’s based on conventional scissor mechanics and, according to Apple, offers 1 mm key stroke. So the butterfly keyboards should be a thing of the past and hopefully keep the keyboard for the rest of the MacBook’s life.

Keyboard with scissor mechanism, larger display, 512 GB SSD standard.

In the course of this change, the Touch Bar would also be slightly reduced in size, to the left and right. On the left there is again a mechanical escape button and the Touch ID Sensor on the right is now optically separated so that it can be clearly recognized as an on/off switch.

With the larger display, however, the dimensions didn’t increase much because Apple was able to reduce the black edges around the display. What has grown, however, is the battery capacity: this is now 100 Wh and is supposed to provide energy for up to eleven hours.

The audio capabilities have also been drastically improved: the Macbook Pro 16″ now has a 6-speaker system and significantly improved microphones. It’s also fantastic that you can now configure up to 8TB of memory. Finally, Apple offers 512 GB of SSD memory that can finally be used in a meaningful way, even in the basic configuration. At the end of the day Apple seems to have eliminated all the weaknesses of its predecessors – except for the FaceTime HD camera with still 720p.