Amazon launches a new version of an Alexa loudspeaker: compact and pluggable directly into the socket.

amazon echo flex

For $25 Amazon offers the Echo Flex*, which listens to your voice commands. What’s great is that the device has an extra button with which the microphone can be switched off. So if you have an oldschool day and want to do without technology or don’t trust the cloud for certain conversations, you can switch off the voice control directly with one tap.

amazon echo flex microfone

But that’s not the only function the small loudspeaker has. You almost have to say that it is less a loudspeaker than a small hub: the device also has an audio output in 3.5mm blade format, so you can also connect your system directly to it.

amazon echo flex detail

If that’s not enough, you can charge your mobile phone on the bottom side of the USB-A port. Or add an extension offered by Amazon. There are currently two modules: a night light that switches itself on at dusk and a motion detector to monitor the room. All in all, an interesting Amazon device with a wide range of applications.